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Chord Before | NIKI (G)

Chord Before NIKI G ,kisah patah hati Niki oleh Php an seorang laki-laki yang memberikan harapan cinta kosong untuknya.

C   D   E   F   G   A   B

Musisi      : Niki
Judul       : Before
Pencipta  : Niki
Album     : Nicole
Rilis         : 3 Juni 2022
Produser : Naby Dakhli
Genre      : Pop

Chord Before | NIKI♥ G

Bait 1

You hid me in your dorm room
It was Halloweekend, I just flew across the globe Twenty-two hours just to see you
Just to barely fit on your twin-sized bed And talk about your cool new friend
Who I never met, who you dated as soon as I lef

Bait 2

Carolina autumn It had been a year since I saw you
Since we ended it Had a year to grow into the girl you always wanted
Now we’re holding hands
as not quite friends But not quite lovers
Well, we’ll just pretend
You say, “It’s complicated to make amends”
Well, is that the way that we’re hеaded then?


And you couldn’t answer mе
Though you could pull me in while I brushed my teeth
And let your hands both freely speak
Like I wasn’t ever gonna leave, leave


 C                               G
You were all I’d ever known
And now I’m supposed to love you from a distance
Like it’s nothing, like it’s instant
       C                                                       G
And you say, “Let’s just see where this goes”
And I don’t know how or why you seem just fine
                      Em                                                                    F
‘Cause I’m having to grasp that you’re somehow not mine anymore
  Em                    C                                                          G
It’s so cruel how things are only almost like they were before


Like they were before
Like they were before
Like they were before

Bait 2

We walk downtown and it’s charming
You’re alarmingly disarming
Yeah, we’ve got forty-eight hours left Before I fly back to my death
While you stay just fine and feel alive
South of the Mason-Dixon line
Where everyone closes shop at nine

Where you could somehow finally find


What you were desperately looking for
Funny how you thought that was gonna be New York
With our chalkboard walls and slanted floors
Oh, we could’ve had that and so much more
Ask your new lover what it’s like to be given
A real fighting chance before you wish her, “Good riddance”
      C                                               D
Did anything ever really count Or was I just a two-year practice round?


 C                               G
You were all I’d ever known
And now I’m feeling stupid, you’re forbidden
They say, yeah, we were something, too bad we were children
 C                                         G
Ooh, I don’t know where to go
And I don’t know how or why you seem just fine
                 Em                                                                            F
‘Cause I’m looking at you and God knows you’re not mine anymore
Em                            C                                                         G
It’s so cruel how things will never be the way they were before


Like they were before
It’s almost just like how it was before
But it’s not anymore


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Tentang Lagu Before | NIKI
Arranger    : Ben Tomastik
Hak Cipta   : © …
Label         : WMG
Tonmeister : Ruben Brionnes
Mixing        : Ruben Brionnes
Komposer  : Ben Tomastik
Video         : Stella Pacific

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